Big Croco 4P Towable

Big Croco 4P Towable

See you later Alligator! That’s what you’ll say before you head out on the water with BIG Croco. This custom, double deluxe deck tube features a WOW BIG Croco theme, two secure saddle seats to ride the beast as well as a large, deck area for 1 to 4 riders to sit, stand, kneel, or lay down. Each side of the deck area has custom EVA foam body pads and a side bumper system built on the edges to keep the riders from falling off when BIG Croco gets wild on the water. Not to worry though, this ‘gator doesn’t bite!


  • 1-4 rider SECURE SADDLE SEATING towable tube. 680lbs. 310kg. Maximum Capacity

  • Color design with friendly BIG Croco themed graphics creates excitement for riders but also lets everyone on the water know you are there

  • SECURE SADDLE SEATING for 2 riders with EVA foam pad seating and a
    custom HI-PROFILE BIG Croco tail to hold you on for a secure ride.

  • Side bumper system to keep riders on the tube when the ride gets extreme

  • Large, EVA foam body pads on the deck for the side riders

  • Heavy-duty, wide-webbed, 3-point tow system construction

  • Multiple riding positions; ride, sit, lay, stand, or kneel

  • Built in Molded EZ TOW CONNECTOR for EZ tow point hook up

  • Heavy-duty full nylon cover with heavy-duty zippers

  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders

  • Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards

  • Zippered valve covers

  • Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation

  • Inflated Dimensions: 94 x 84 x 52 in; (239 x 213 cm)

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