O’Brien Four Ball

O’Brien Four Ball

FOUR BALL O’Brien Four Ball Towable. Imagine spending the day on the water, spending some quality time with the family. You’re cruising around in the boat, enjoying the sun and the water and the family. But, the kids are bored and they want something more than boat rides every weekend. What can you do to end their boredom? What can you do to salvage the weekend time away from home? The O’Brien Four Ball Towable can be the solution to your dilemma. Come along with me while we check out the product specifications of this crazy towable tube. Features: Capacity of up to two riders, 100 inches of space for riders, Construction: 30 gauge PVC, Fully covered with 840 denier nylon, Ten handles with EVA knuckle guards, One quick connect hook, Shipping weight: 39.2 lbs. O'Brien Duble O Double up on your fun with the Double O. Designed for 2 riders with smaller 16in dia. holes to keep the riders from sliding inside the tube. Two towing points deliver a versatile ride. Features heavy 30-gauge PVC tube, strong 840-denier nylon cover, soft foam handles with neoprene base pads, and large recessed Boston valve.


  • Rider Max: 2 rider,
  • Dimensions: Double Round 90" x 60",
  • Cover: Fully covered 840 Denier Nylon,
  • Drains: 2,
  • Bladder: 30 Gauge PVC, 
  • Attachment: 1 Quick Connect Hook / 1 Web Eye,
  • Valves: 1 Boston,
  • Towing: 1 front towing, 1 side towing,
  • Neo Pads: N/A,
  • Handles: 6 with EVA knuckle guards.

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