Interactive Santa Dancing Singing MP3

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Interactive Santa Dancing Singing MP3/4

          The Christmas season is coming, so don't hesitate and create an atmosphere of wonderful Christmas in your home with Santa dancing and singing.
Santa can be used as an interactive decoration in the home, office, store, hotel lobby, kindergarten or school.
None of the household members and guests will be able to resist the charm of this unique toy.
Santa, after pressing the button, dances and sings 4 Christmas carols:
    "Deck the Halls"
    "Up On the Housetop"
    "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
    "Jingle Bells"
in English or Spanish by moving your head, arms, lips and swaying your hips.
          You can also connect to it with the help of the included AUX cable an external music source, e.g. telephone or MP3 / 4, and then our favorite music will flow from Santa so that Santa will move by moving his hands, shaking his head and hips.
Santa and his costume are made of high quality materials.
Santa is made in natural sizes:

  • height about 180 cm
  • width 70 cm
  • depth of 60 cm

The pictures show Mikołaj in real life, as he actually looks after folding.

Product features:

  • 100-240V 50-60Hz power supply (Polish plug included),

  • dimensions: height 180 cm, width 70 cm, depth 60 cm,

  • packaging dimensions: 54 cm high, 58 cm wide, 48 cm deep,

  • English / Spanish language switch

  • AUX output with switch - you can connect your own music from your phone or MP3 / 4 using the included cable,

  • power cable (Europe plug included),

  • toy for self-assembly (instructions included),

  • for indoor use only,

  • folding will facilitate storage.

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